Kwon Eun Bi said in the backstage interview prior to her solo debut on Inkigayo, “Please support all IZ*ONE members”

Singer Kwon Eun Bi mentioned IZ*ONE members and showed off their strong teamwork.

In the latest episode of Inkigayo aired on August 29, Kwon Eun Bi performed her solo debut stage.

Prior to her stage, Kwon Eun Bi had an interview with the MCs. She shared, “IZ*ONE members came to the shooting of my MV and also the showcase to cheer for me. They gave me so much strength.”. She added, “The members are also watching the live broadcast of Inkigayo.”

After that, she appeared in a colorful dress and gave off an amazing performance of her solo debut song “Door”.

“Door” is a combination of the electro-swing genre with little funky and jazz and was composed mainly by the sound of brass instruments. With the image of a door, the thing that allows us to enter a new space, Kwon Eun Bi wants to deliver the message: “I will show you our secret place that you haven’t seen before.”

Meanwhile, apart from Kwon Eun Bi, many other artists also performed, such as The Boyz, Red Velvet, Mirae, Verivery, BZ-BOYS, Stray Kids, CIX, CL, N.CUS, ONF, Weeekly, Jeon So Mi, JAY B, CRAVITY, TXT and T1419, etc.

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