KPOP idols celebrating Christmas: Jennie boasts gifts from a famous brand, SM idols give fans a big surprise

Are you curious what Kpop idols do for Christmas this year?

Christmas is a holiday for people to gather and gift each other meaningful presents. KPOP idols also take this opportunity to express their love for fans, who have supported them throughout this year. Let’s look through how KPOP stars like BLACKPINK Jennie, SNSD Taeyeon, TWICE, and ITZY celebrate this special day.

KPOP idols celebrating Christmas
This is how KPOP female idols celebrate Christmas (Photo: Twitter @nayeoring)


Joining the festive atmosphere of the Christmas holiday, BLACKPINK Jennie has just uploaded several photos of the gifts she received from Miseenscene. In the released pictures, Jennie wore a simple black dress and was showing her excitement when receiving such colorful Christmas presents. Through the series of her Instagram story posts, fans are waiting for more lovely moments released by Jennie during this holiday.

KPOP idols celebrating Christmas
Jennie’s beauty stands out in a place that is full of Christmas gifts (Photo: Screenshot from Jennie’s Instagram @jennierubyjane)

Taeyeon (SNSD), Red Velvet and aespa

SM Entertainment‘s artists had a spectacular way to send Christmas greetings. Specifically, the company posted a short video of its idols writing requests and sending greetings on Christmas.

Appearing in a simple outfit, Taeyeon (SNSD) stands out in the video with a youthful and lively aura. The female idol also reveals that the wish she writes on the paper is to be able to meet her fans.

KPOP idols celebrating Christmas
Taeyeon excitedly sent her wishes to the fans.  (Photo: Screenshot of the video Pink Christmas Wishes from KWANGYA)

In addition, the members of Red Velvet are all featured in the video.  With lovely and unique visuals, the 5 girls all show a very fresh energy. Like other SM artists, Red Velvet also put on SMTOWN LIVE’s uniform and had quite light makeup. However, the girls’ cute features and bright smiles still make them shine.

KPOP idols celebrating Christmas
 The members focus on writing wishes.  (Photo: Screenshot of the video Pink Christmas Wishes from KWANGYA)
KPOP idols celebrating Christmas
 Joy and Yeri’s youthful visuals.  (Photo: Screenshot of the video Pink Christmas Wishes from KWANGYA)

Just like their seniors, rookie group aespa also appears in SM’s special video. This year, the girl group will surely have a happy Christmas after a productive year.  Accordingly, even though aespa has only debuted for nearly 2 years, the group has earned a lot of great awards in the K-pop world. Not only that, the reputation of each member is also increasing day by day.

KPOP idols celebrating Christmas
aespa brings a youthful atmosphere to the video.  (Photo: Screenshot from the video Pink Christmas Wishes from KWANGYA)
KPOP idols celebrating Christmas
Karina and Winter pose very charismatically next to SM’s pine tree.  (Photo: Screenshot from the video Pink Christmas Wishes from KWANGYA)


On the other hand, the TWICE girls are busy holding a concert called TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘Ⅲ’ in SEOUL.  This is considered a meaningful gift that the group gives fans this Christmas.  Surely this holiday season, ONCE will be extremely happy to see their idols in person.

Previously, Dahyun and Nayeon also shared a series of photos taken with the Christmas tree, so people predict that TWICE will unexpectedly bring another gift on the upcoming holiday.

KPOP idols celebrating Christmas
Dahyun and Nayeon by the Christmas tree. (Photo: TWICETAGRAM)


Besides, ITZY sent the audience a cover of the song Last Christmas on this holiday. In the posted clip, the members are all dressed in Christmas-themed outfits such as red and white. Not only that, the group’s cute expressions and sweet vocals also make fans extremely excited.

KPOP idols celebrating Christmas
ITZY’s Christmas Outfit.  (Photo: Twitter @bombshellYeji)

Qri (T-ara)

Unlike the above idols, T-ara‘s Qri spends Christmas with her pet dog.  On her personal Instagram, she shares a series of idyllic pictures with her pet.  Although the Christmas sweet party is quite simple, netizens still feel the warm and joyful atmosphere in Qri’s house.

KPOP idols celebrating Christmas
The female idol looks so cute with this outfit. (Photo: Instagram @qtfreet)

Like every year, Christmas is a time for everyone to express their love to those around them.  On this occasion, Korean idols also took the opportunity to send good wishes to their fans.

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