Korean Artists Who Love Piercing

These stars chose to get piercings despite being opposed by fans

Amid the bold piercing styling trends of celebrities, actress Han So-hee recently drew attention by confessing to getting a lip piercing.

The next day, Han So-hee announced during a live broadcast that she had also pierced under her eyes following the lip piercing. She shared her thoughts, saying, “I just did something I wanted to do. It was fun.”

Han So-hee

After finishing filming for her recent drama and entering a period of rest, Han So-hee mentioned, “You can do piercings except when you have to work. I’ve never tried piercing before, so I did it. If it helps with the work I do, I might keep it.”

Han So-hee’s piercings led to some calling her the ‘female Jungkook,’ referring to BTS member Jungkook, who is known for his distinctive piercings.

On the 24th, Han So-hee posted a photo of her lip piercing on her social media, sparking discussions. Her innocent look combined with the unique lip piercing excited fans of the MZ generation.

Previously, Jungkook added a lip piercing and apologized to fans on the Weverse live broadcast, saying, “There might be ARMYs (fandom name) who dislike it, and I’m sorry. I really wanted to do it.”

bts jungkook

He also mentioned, “I like this kind of thing. I have tattoos and piercings. I had all my ears pierced, but I had to remove them when I got an MRI. Even the stretched ones got blocked.”

In an interview with British designer Dazed, Jungkook explained his interest in extreme piercings, saying, “I like extreme things. People always say I look round and soft, but I want a sharp and intense image.”

Singer HyunA has also built her own unique style, including lip, navel, and collarbone piercings, gaining recognition in the fashion world. Known for experimenting with various styles, she stated, “It’s good to have many opportunities to transform while going about your daily schedule.”


At the 34th Golden Disc Awards in 2020, actress Han Ye-seul attracted attention with a nose piercing, a unique concept rarely seen before.

Before the awards, Han Ye-seul said, “Trying something new is one of the most challenging and difficult things. Artists who showcase new concepts are so cool. I support their beautiful challenges.”

han ye seul Piercing

While piercing used to be limited to idols in the past, it has recently become another means of expressing one’s individuality. Some express concerns about the potential influence of celebrities, but the bold and trendy piercing styling of these individuals continues to provide fresh visual appeal to the public.

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