“Male celebrities these days, the demand for a face looking like this was cut off at some point”

The topic of male celebrities’ face image then and now is drawing attention.

On Oct 31st, a post titled “The type of handsome actors whose supply was cut off at some point” was uploaded on online communities.

In the photo, handsome stars such as Jang Dong-gun, Cha Seung-won, Jung Woo-sung, Go Soo and Song Seung-heon, who dominated the 1990s and have been active until now, appeared. Among them, Lee Min-ho was named together even though he was the youngest.

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Netizens said in unison, “There aren’t many typical handsome actors these days.”

They commented, “Male celebrities’ faces these days don’t give off a heavy feeling”, “The masculine appeal is a bit lacking, and generally there’s only a thin and tall pretty boy + model feeling”, “This is the same for actresses. There’s only a youthful feeling and no mature feeling”…

On the other hand, others claimed, “The facial preference trend has changed”, “People preferred a dark, thick face in the past and a natural, light face now” and “These days, people don’t care about handsome men. Actors just have to be good at acting. Individuality can be covered with charms.”

Source: wikitree

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