76th Cannes Film Festival Kicks Off with Song Kang Ho, Song Joong Ki, Jennie and aespa in Attendance

The 76th Cannes International Film Festival is happening.

The 76th Cannes Film Festival will begin on the afternoon of May 16th (local time) at the Palace of Festivals and Congresses of Cannes, a resort city in the south of France. This year’s Cannes Film Festival will run for 11 nights and 12 days until May 27th.

Korean films did not compete in the competition section of this year’s festival. However, a total of five feature films have been selected in various sections. 

song joong ki

In the non-competition section, “Cobweb” received attention, “Hopeless” attracted interest, “Project Silence” was screened at midnight, “Sleep” was invited to the Critics’ Week, and “In Our Day” was selected as the closing film of the Directors’ Fortnight. 

Additionally, BLACKPINK Jennie made her acting debut in the HBO drama “The Idol” and also participated in the non-competition section.

As a result, many Korean actors such as Song Kang Ho, Im Soo Jung, Oh Jung Se, Jeon Yeo Been, Jung Soo Jung (Krystal), Jang Young Nam, Song Joong Ki, Kim Hyung Seo (Bibi), Hong Sa Bin, Ju Ji Hoon, Lee Sun Kyun, Jung Yu Mi, and others will attend the festival. In particular, Jennie is expected to gather huge attention as an invited actress.

“Cobweb” (directed by Kim Ji Woon) is a film that depicts the desperate and humorous events that take place as director Kim (Song Kang Ho), who is obsessed with the belief that retaking the ending of the film “Cobweb” shot in the 1970s will make it better, proceeds with the filming despite obstacles from the censorship authorities and the actors and producers who don’t understand the changed content. 

song joong ki

Song Kang Ho has been to the Cannes Film Festival a total of eight times, counting only the invitations. Starting with “The Host” (Directors’ Fortnight) in 2006, he attended with “Secret Sunshine” (Competition) in 2007, “The Good, the Bad, the Weird” (Non-competition) in 2008, “Thirst” (Competition) in 2009, “Parasite” (Competition) in 2019, “Emergency Declaration” (Non-competition) in 2021, and “Broker” (Competition) in 2022. 

Last year, Sang Kang Ho became the first Korean male actor to win Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival for “Broker,” making his visit this year significant as well.

“Hopeless” (directed by Kim Chang Hoon) is a film noir that depicts the story of Yeon Gyu, who wants to escape from a hellish reality, meeting Chi Gun, the middle boss of an organization and getting involved in a precarious world. Song Joong Ki takes on the role of Chi Gun, while rookie actor Hong Sa Bin portrays Yeon Gyu. It is the director’s debut feature film. Song Joong Ki will make his first visit to Cannes through this film.

“Project Silence” is a story of people trapped on the Airport Bridge engulfed in dense, indistinguishable fog, fighting for survival against unexpected chain disasters. Directed by Kim Tae Gon and produced by Kim Yong Hwa, the director of the “Along with the Gods” series, “Project Silence” features the appearances of Lee Sun Kyun, Ju Ji Hoon, and Kim Hee Won. Both Ju Ji Hoon and Kim Hee Won are visiting Cannes for the second time.

“Sleep” is a film that depicts the story of a happy newlywed couple, Hyun Soo and Soo Jin, whose lives are overshadowed by Hyun Soo’s sleep-related abnormal behavior and the horrifying secret that unfolds when he falls asleep. It stars Jung Yu Mi and Lee Sun Kyun, with Jung Yu Mi being invited to Cannes for the fourth time and Lee Sun Kyun for the third time. Lee Sun Kyun especially attracts attention as he heads to Cannes with two leading roles this year.

Hong Sang Soo’s “In Our Day” marks his 12th official invitation to the Cannes Film Festival. “In Our Day” is a touching tribute to the ordinary moments of life, where the Korean maestro refocuses on the joy of gathering around a table. 

Jennie’s first acting challenge, “The Idol,” is a series produced by The Weeknd, depicting the stories of all the relationships surrounding an emerging pop idol and the music industry. 

aespa will also visit Cannes as ambassadors for jewelry brand Chopard, a sponsor of the Cannes Film Festival. It marks the first time for a K-pop group to walk the Cannes red carpet.

Source: Daum

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