Kim Young Chul Talks Stress Relief Methods and Admiration for Park Bo Gum’s Pure Soul

Kim Young Chul talked about how he copes with stress.

On September 1st, during the broadcast of SBS radio show’s ‘Kim Young Chul‘s Power FM,’ Kim Young Chul introduced a story, “These days, my hobby is playing any song and dancing wildly. When I immerse myself in music, my stress goes far away.”

Kim Young-chul

He continued, “Usually, I think I can’t dance during ballads, but I can. Let’s talk about stress-relief methods.”

Kim Young Chul then said, “I definitely feel like my stress doesn’t accumulate as much. I feel relieved while working. Also, I dance and sing on the radio. I relieve stress while sleeping deeply.”

Furthermore, Kim Young Chul agreed with a listener’s story, saying, “When I see pictures or videos of Park Bo Gum, my anger inside disappears like melting snow. Watching celebrity crushes makes me feel good, especially Park Bo Gum. Doesn’t he seem like a possessor of a pure soul?”

Source: daum.

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