This monk refuses BLACKPINK Jennie’s request to shoot a Vlog at his temple

There is a place that rejected an offer from world star BLACKPINK Jennie.

On July 13th, the Youtube channel “Jo Kwon’s Watch or Not” released the 5th episode of “Hot Place Sweeper Kwon”. In this video, singer Jo Kwon and musical Kim Ho Young visited a temple to have a meditation session and share talks with a monk.

Jo Kwon Kim Ho Young pagoda

Kim Ho Young said, “I graduated from Dongguk University and I experienced meditation as one of the subjects. In my school days, I kept dozing off”.

The monk said, “Actually, we don’t have rules for meditation. Just do it relaxedly whatever you do now. While breathing, inhale your problems and exhale them.”


Jo Kwon shared, “Nowadays, I’m trying to practice nonpossession. So, I become uninterested in anything”. Kim Ho Young reacted, “You need to be interested in your content. It’s not the time for you to talk about nonpossession”, drawing laughter. 

Upon hearing the two’s conversation, the monk suddenly brought up an anecdote about BLACKPINK Jennie. He said, “BLACKPINK Jennie asked me to shoot her Vlog here, but I refused it”.

As for the reason, the monk said, “I was worried about the Commercial Consumption of Buddhism… but Jo Kwon, you’re not in the same league yet!”.

jennie black pink

Although Jennie failed to do it, many celebrities have released content showing them visiting temples. Temple is a suitable place to capture moments of one’s self-reflection and offer them a short escape from the noisy and busy daily life.

bts rm pagoda

In particular, BTS member RM is also known as a “temple mania”. In December last year, he visited Hwaeomsa Temple in Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do and talked with a monk. He even opened up about his concerns regarding his upcoming military enlistment. However, when his visit was reported in the news, RM expressed discomfort, saying “I will visit another temple”.

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