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Kim Hee-chul, “I once prayed that the woman I had a crush on would break up with her friend and…”

Super Junior’s Kim Hee-chul drew attention with his confession about when he had a crush on someone.

Yoon Il-sang appeared on cable channel KBS Joy’s “20th Century Hit Song”, which aired on the afternoon of July 1st. In the “Exciting rhythm but crazy lyrics. Yoon Il-sang Hit Song” section, Yoon Il-sang picked Sechs Skies’s “Reckless Love”, which was released in 1998, in 7th place.

Yoon Il-sang then said, “I had a crush on someone like the main character in the lyrics of this song, but that person is a couple with someone else. Have you ever wanted anyone to break up?”

Kim Hee-chul

Kim Min-ah said, “I think I did”. Kim Hee-chul honestly replied, “Of course yes. And I hoped that she would fall for me if I tried to comfort her.”

Yoon Il-sang continued, “Was it when I was in middle school? Or was it in my high school days? But I did experience that. The boyfriend of the girl I had a crush on cheated on her. I felt so good. It was not even my issue.”

Kim Hee-chul

Meanwhile, “20th Century Hit Song” is a new concept newtro music chart entertainment program that revives K-pop hits from the 1980s and 1990s and creates modern reinterpretations of popular songs from the 20th century.

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