Song Joong Ki’s 1st Film in 6 Years Faces a Challenging Debut in Theaters

Not only has Song Joong Ki’s reputation been affected by his personal life, but his new film “Hopeless” is also not doing well

Song Joong Ki has made a return to the big screen after a period of focusing on his personal life, particularly to take care of his wife and newborn child. His latest film, “Hopeless,” was supposed to be a big comeback for the actor, giving him the opportunity to explore a darker and more intense genre. 

However, it seems that Song Joong Ki’s success in dramas hasn’t quite translated to the big screen, as “Hopeless” struggled in its debut week, raising concerns about its ability to break even.

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“Hopeless” hit theaters on October 11 but managed to attract only around 160,000 viewers during its first weekend. As of October 16, the film’s real-time ticket reservation rate stands at 4.8%, ranking it sixth among currently showing films in Korea. 

Currently, the real audience turnout of “Hopeless” at CGV in Korea is at 78%, significantly trailing behind its competitors like “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman” (88%) and “30 Days” (93%), not to mention the major Hollywood blockbusters in the scene. The lack of the film’s word-of-mouth buzz in Korea has further contributed to “Hopeless” being overshadowed.

Initially known as a low-budget independent project, it turns out that “Hopeless” had a budget of up to 1 million won. While Song Joong Ki’s participated in the film without pay, it didn’t guarantee the film’s quality. 

Despite the film being invited to the Cannes Film Festival and earning praise from experts, local audiences have expressed disappointment, believing that the film falls short of capturing the spirit of an indie film.

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Critics and media outlets have cited issues with the script of “Hopeless”, excessive violence, and inconsistent character development as contributing factors to its underwhelming reception.

Song Joong Ki’s return to the big screen has come after a six-year absence from the big screen, and this underwhelming performance coincides with a noticeable decline in his reputation over the past six months. 

Despite the remarkable success of “Reborn Rich” last year, Song Joong Ki’s personal life after his marriage and childbirth has drawn substantial scrutiny.

Source: K14

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