Taeyang, who left YG but remains a BIGBANG member, gave BTS’s Suga touching advice on staying strong as a team 

Taeyang and Suga showed their special affection for their own groups, BIGBANG and BTS. 

On December 18th, BIGBANG’s Taeyang appeared as a guest in the 3rd episode of Suga’s talk show “Suchwita”, which was released on the YouTube channel BANGTANTV, and had a colorful conversation with Suga.

Taeyang Suga

Suga said, “I’m so nervous. I feel like I’m meeting a celebrity because I’m a real fan. I’ve been a fan since before debut. It’s no exaggeration to say that BIGBANG senior practically made BTS. When I was a trainee, I watched ‘MAMA’ and said I wanted to become a singer like that. All the members like you so much.” 

In response, Taeyang expressed his gratitude to Suga, “I am grateful to hear that you like us. When we were active, we didn’t have many opportunities to meet at broadcasting stations. We had a lot of overseas schedules. Thank you for saying this.”

Taeyang recently released a new single “VIBE” with BTS’s Jimin. This is his first solo song in six years.

Taeyang Suga

Regarding the opportunity to work with Jimin, Taeyang said, “Exactly two years ago, Teddy and the producers wanted to write a cool song together to commemorate my discharge from the military. At that time, I simply made a beat and a loop with a sketch. Teddy passed by and came up with the idea, ‘It would be cool if Jimin and Taeyang collaborated with a cool song this time.'”

After that, the two had a more honest talk. Suga confessed, “In my case, it is all too scary since I was just starting out as a solo artist. ‘That That’ was the first time I went alone as a guest (to a concert). I performed so many times, but I was so nervous without the members.”

In response, Taeyang said, “I know that feeling. I think ‘Shouldn’t I do it alone?’ After all, my solo activities should be helpful to the team. The team should always come first. The members should be prioritized.” 

Taeyang Suga

He said to Suga, “There are times when I couldn’t do well because it’s difficult to come out alone, but just having a team with me gives me a lot of strength. I also have the confidence that I can go back and work harder as a team again. As now, if you think of the team first and maintain a healthy relationship with the members, there is no more invincible power than that.”

In response to Taeyang’s advice, Suga expressed his special affection for BTS, saying, “I’m the coolest when I’m in the team. I like our team so much. I’m a member, but I also like BTS as a fan.”

Netizens left comments, “I’m so touched,” “I could feel the thought of the members and fans well,” “I hope both BIGBANG and BTS will last a long time,” and “I cried while watching this.”

Source: Wikitree

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