Netizens ask others to stop posting videos and photos of the Itaewon crushing accident on Twitter

The Itaewon tragedy is the most talked-about issue on Twitter Korea right now. 

When a large-scale crushing accident occurred in Itaewon, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, photos and videos of the situation were spread online. In response, many netizens have urged others not to share photos and videos of the scene, saying, “Stop sharing photos and videos. It is not respectful of the deceased.”

itaewon stampede twitter

On October 30th, SNS platforms and online communities in Korea including Twitter were flooded with videos and photos of the Itaewon accident. In the videos and photos, there are scenes where a large number of people gathered in a narrow, sloping alley, and it was impossible for them to walk properly. After the accident, plenty of photos and videos of people performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the streets were uploaded.

itaewon stampede twitter

In response, many netizens urged others not to share videos or photos of the horrific accident scene. They said, “Scenes like these can be traumatic for family members of the victims”, “Shocking accident videos can be painful and triggering”, and “It’s not polite to the dead.”

itaewon stampede twitter

Some netizens even criticized, saying, “I can’t understand those who were taking videos or photos instead of helping in an emergency lifesaving situation.” There were a lot of criticisms like this on Twitter.

One Twitter user said, “Please offer a hand rather than film a CPR video. Because CPR has to use up all the weight of your body and press it, it’s hard to die if you do it for 30 seconds. Please don’t film a video (on the side), get out of the way or go home or help out so it’s easy for 119 to rescue the victims.”

itaewon stampede twitter

Another Twitter user who said they were a nurse said, “I went to the Itaewon site urgently to do CPR, and no one around me was helping. They were only filming videos and I was in tears. It’s so complicated that I can’t even sleep.”

Another netizen said, “Please respectfully refrain from posting about the Itaewon accident. It can be a trauma that parents will never forget after seeing pictures of their children’s bodies floating on the Internet.”

itaewon stampede

Source: Daum

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