Kim Jong Kook reacts to Rain’s serious advice about exercising, “I’d rather die early”

Singer Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) advised Kim Jong Kook to not exercise too much but Kim Jong Kook did not seem to care.

On May 25th, Rain posted on his SNS account a screenshot of his Kakaotalk message conversation with Kim Jong Kook.

In the conversation, Rain shared with Kim Jong Kook an article titled “High Risk of Death due to Excessive Muscle Exercise” and said, “Hyung, it’s time for you to reduce exercise”.


In response, Kim Jong Kook smiled and said, “I’d rather die early“. Rain then pleaded, “Well, at least reduce it little by little once a day, please”. Kim Jong Kook replied, “Okay, I’ll give it a try.”

Rain also added a caption that begins with “To my future sister-in-law”. He said, “Please understand when our brother has protein shakes instead of rice”, adding “Please understand when our brother disappears for two hours every evening because he’s in the metal club (exercising using equipment in the gym).”

Rain continued making requests, saying “When our brother says, ‘I’ll be right back’ during the Chuseok and Lunar New Year holidays, please understand that he’s working out with me. When you think our brother is being with someone, please understand that it’s me. When our brother holds your hand, please understand that you’re holding a turtle’s shell”.


He added, “When our hyung suddenly comes back after taking a shower somewhere, please think ‘he’s just returned from the gym’. Please just understand that person.”

The conversation with Rain’s concern for Kim Jong Kook’s health and Kim Jong Kook’s lighthearted response drew warm smiles from netizens.

Meanwhile, Rain appeared in Netflix’s series “Take 1” last year.

Source: Wikitree

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