Kim Yoon-ah revealed a ghost photo she has kept for 20 years on “Late Night Ghost Talk”: “Humans are the scariest”

Kim Yoon-ah first released a supernatural photo that she has kept for 20 years. 

Kim Yoon-ah of the band Jaurim appeared as a guest on an episode of MBC’s “Late Night Ghost Talk”, which aired on the afternoon of Jan 13th.

Kim Yoon-ah

On this day, Kim Yoon-ah talked about the reason why she likes scary stories, “I like it because it’s a story that stimulates imagination, not reality.”

Kim Yoon-ah

Especially, she said, “Humans are the scariest. Aren’t ghost stories made by humans. Ghost stories contain the human imagination and social elements, which are fun because they seem to be exploring humans,” showing her very special life philosophy.

Kim Yoon-ah

Kim Yoon-ah then drew attention by releasing a supernatural photo taken in Japan for the first time. A strange figure was seen in a photo taken when Jaurim visited Japan for a tour in the early 2000s.

Kim Yoon-ah

She said, “At that time, we were free for a while during the broadcast schedule, so we went for a walk and took a picture with my members, and there was a strange shadow in the picture. There was an unidentified woman next to the members, and her head was bent at an angle that humans could not,” she further explained.

When the photo was released, the cast were shocked. Even Dr. Kim Gu-ra and Dr. Kwak Jae-sik, who usually do not believe in ghosts and ghost stories, admired, “This is my first time seeing a ghost picture.”

Kim Yoon-ah said, “There are two other shapes that are also photographed behind the woman with the bent neck. They seem to be standing on the water with a cliff,” she said, delighted with the cast’s surprised expression. 

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