Kim Woo Bin appeared at the event with a new look after 3 years of cancer treatment

Kim Woo Bin is becoming more and more handsome and attractive after taking a break from activities for cancer treatment.

After a long hiatus to treat throat cancer, Kim Woo Bin is now completely healthy again and is about to return to the screen with a new movie project.  Today (June 15), the actor was present at a store opening event and quickly became a hot topic on social networks thanks to his top-notch visual.

At the event, Kim Woo Bin occupied the spotlight with an elegant look.  Originally be a model, the actor has a great height and a perfect body.  The actor’s flawless face is even beautiful in the reporters’ photos – a “nightmare” for the visuals of many Korean stars.  Finally, after many years of fighting with cancer, Kim Woo Bin was able to return to his original perfect appearance.

His facial features are still the same as 10 years ago
He covered his face shyly in a cute moment
kim woo bin
After a long time of treatment for throat cancer, the actor has regained his masculine and healthy appearance, different from his previous emaciated image.
kim woo bin
kim woo bin
The handsome appearance and top-notch body of the actor of The Heirs made fangirls have a heart attack.

Source: K14

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