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 aespa Karina gained and lost 4kg in a day? Super flexible weight?

Karina, a member of girl group aespa, made Lee Young Ji’s heart flutter as she appeared on “My Alcohol Diary”.

On the May 19th episode of the YouTube show “My Alcohol Diary”, which is hosted by Lee Young Ji, aespa Karina appeared as a guest. 

Upon Karina’s appearance, Lee Young Ji and the production team reacted as if they were at a loss for words. Meanwhile, Karina brought a gift in a bag bigger than herself, making Lee Young Ji exclaim over how pretty the aepsa member was, saying, “Wait wait, how come she looks like that?”


Afterwards, Karina showed her worries by admitting she’s an introvert, and that she had heard about Young Ji also being shy. At this, Lee Young Ji laughingly admitted she is a shy person.

Lee Young Ji then confessed that she couldn’t focus on the conversation since Karina was so beautiful, and asked how did the female idol get such beautiful blonde hair. 

Later on, Lee Young Ji asked how to become like Karina, and Karina started to list “ways to become Karina”. In particular, the female idol mentioned living each day without regrets, being good to people around her, living without a care, being polite, and not gathering ugly looks.


Then, Karina said that she had a way to keep her body in good shape, saying, “I set the right body weight of me. I measure my body weight every day. If I exceed the certain number, I should lose my weight.”

The female idol also drew laughter by joking that if she felt that her pants are tight, she would start wearing bigger pants. 

Karina also admitted that she’s a really big eater, saying, “A can of Pringles is no problem. I’ve eaten a whole pizza. I can eat a whole set of hamburgers. I can also eat all the black bean noodles.”

In response to Karina saying her alcohol tolerance is one and a half bottles, Lee Young Ji said, “No way. We’re on our third bottle now!”. Then, when Karina said she feels more glad to see people whenever she drinks, Lee Young Ji made everyone laugh by saying, “Then I need to make you drink every time we meet.”

Lee Young Ji later noticed that Karina has eaten a lot of food, and wondered if the female idol never gains weight even with her big appetite. 

To this, Karina said, “Not at all, I gain weight easily. I’ve gained 4 kg and lost 4 kg in a day”

The aespa member also revealed how she lost weight, saying, “I wear a sweatsuit and run for 4 hours. I just play idol music, I run and dance.”

Hearing this, Lee Young Ji commented, “Oh, I just realized it now, I understood after listening to you. You eat this much, but people could say it’s impossible to keep in that shape. You move a lot and put so much effort. People just don’t know because you never talked about it with them.”

Finally, Karina and Lee Young Ji started to bicker when Lee Young Ji kept flirting with Karina by singing, even saying she “will marry Yoo Jimin” (Karina’s real name).

In the end, Karina went home promising to give Lee Young Ji a gift, while the production team expressed their joy and sadly sent the aespa member off.

Source: Nate

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