“Did this field look that easy?” Cool response from Park Sung Kwang, who debuted as feature commercial film director

Park Sung Kwang coolly responded to the harsh criticism “Did this field look that easy?”

Park Sung Kwang, who made his debut as a feature commercial film director with the movie “Ungnami”, appeared on the March 20th broadcast of MBC Standard FM’s “Park Joon Hyung, Park Young Jin’s 2 o’clock Hurray”. He expressed his feelings ahead of the release of the movie “Ungnami”.

park seong gwang

Based on the Danggun myth that bears become humans after eating garlic and mugwort, “Ungnami”, which will be released on March 22nd, depicts the story of twin Asiatic Bear brothers, who were managed by the Pro-North Korean Institute of Technology, disappearing one day after eating mugwort and garlic.

Regarding the criticism “Did this field look that easy?” from a critic, Park Sung Kwang confessed, “I think I have to admit what I need to admit. There may be some parts I lack, but I try not to lose my courage. I think I’m in the process. This is not the result. I’m not a genius, and I’m not a great person. I’m a lacking person who needs to work harder and learn more. The staff and actors filled in my lacking parts. I’ll work harder and learn more.”

Source: daum

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