BTS J-Hope’s sister Jung Ji-woo got married today

Influencer Jung Ji-woo, the older sister of BTS J-Hope (real name Jung Ho-seok), has become the bride of May.

On May 5, J-Hope’s sister Jung Ji-woo married a non-celebrity boyfriend who she once dated in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Jung Ji-woo had previously announced her plans for marriage in 2021 on Instagram last year. According to entertainment industry officials, the two have been dating for a long time and have grown their minds and have borne the fruit of marriage.

The wedding was held so closed with only some people that are familiar with the two families. The bride’s younger brother, J-Hope, also attended the ceremony.

Jung Ji-woo is known to be the older sister of BTS member J-Hope. She currently runs her own fashion company, an Internet shopping mall, and is also an influencer and YouTuber. Her YouTube channel Mi-Ji-Woo is a popular channel with 1.7 million subscribers. She also signed an exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment in March as a fashion director.

Some images of the BTS member at the wedding ceremony:

Source: nate

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