8 years after Lee Byung Hun’s cheating and blackmail scandal, Lee Min Jung revealed his “hidden” character 

Through many obstacles, the marriage between Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung receives much adoration. 

Recently, Lee Min Jung accepted an interview invitation with SBS to unveil more details about her marriage with Lee Byung Hun. In this interview, Lee Min Jung shared, for the first time, the “ordinary” aspects of her husband to the public. 

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Lee Min Jung said her husband really liked funny things but rarely expressed his excitement. Therefore, not many learnt of his true humorous nature and often was under the impression of his aloof demeanor. 

Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun, “He’s definitely a quite shy person, but he does like talking to people that he’s close to. In a group chat with them, he wouldn’t write anything unless it’s something funny. He’s constantly thinking of ways to make people laugh.” 

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It might have been his reservedness that Lee Byung Hun was mistaken to be a distant and unapproachable person. 

Lee Min Jung also added, “Sometimes, he would even ask me if his Instagram post is funny before sharing it.”

Previously, in another interview, Lee Min Jung also expressed her gratitude when Lee Byung Hun was with her to share valuable advice on how to do an acting performance. 

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Lee Min Jung shared that, “In the early days of debut, I used to think that I had to act precisely to the script. However my husband told me that I did not always have to do what the script said. He told me that if I had better ideas in mind, I should try to change or improvise reasonably. He said [the acting] would be more natural.” 

In talking of a marriage with a famous actor, Lee Min Jung said, “When we live together, I see ordinary and lesser known aspects of him, and also his wonderful sides at home.” 

She continued, “When I am angry, I’m the type to express it on the spot. However, my husband is not like me. He keeps his cool and listens to my every angry word and action.”

As of the moment, Lee Min Jung has forgiven her husband after the ground-breaking affair of 2014. At the time, Lee Byung Hun was basically buried in criticism, with people condemning him for daring to cheat during his wife’s pregnancy. 

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After a long legal battle, the two girls were imprisoned for blackmailing, but Lee Byung Hun’s reputation also took a heavy blow. 

Meanwhile, many people expect Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun to get a divorce, but Lee Min Jung instead extends her hand and forgives her husband to protect her family. 

It seems that Lee Byung Hun also realizes the importance of his family after the scandal. Now, the actor is also contributing to their mutual happiness, taking on less projects and spending more time with his wife and child. 

At the age of 52, Lee Byung Hun has everything: from a happy family, a stable position in the Korean entertainment industry, and a wife that welcomes him with open arms. 

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