Joy looks lovely in the first post after her relationship with Crush was confirmed

Joy (Red Velvet) has just made her first post on SNS since she officially became a couple with Crush.

On August 27, Joy posted some photos on her Instagram with a heart in her caption.

Joy and Crush

In particular, Joy showed off her lovely and innocent look with many poses throughout the pictures.

On behalf of Joy, earlier on August 23, SM Entertainment announced that Joy has recently started dating Crush because their relationship had developed from seniors and juniors into lovers. In May last year, Joy and Crush made their first music collaboration in Crush’s single “Mayday”. Since then, they had remained close friends and later developed more feelings for each other.

Joy also expressed her feelings about the dating news through a post on Lysn app, a fan community. She said, “We are still at the stage where we have just confirmed our feelings for each other and are getting to know each other bit by bit, so I was panicked that the article came out so early, but I’m writing this post because I think Luvies are even more surprised than me.” She added, “I really hope that the Luvies who have been treasuring and loving me up to now can be understanding and supportive.”


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