Kim Soo-hyun will be discharged from the military on July 1st…”A simple greeting at the Injingak”

Actor Kim Soo-hyun will finish his military service on July 1st.

The whole ceremony will be held behind closed doors within the unit,” his management agency KeyEast said on June 25th afternoon. “To avoid damaging the unit and surrounding traffic, we will briefly greet the visitors without holding a separate event”. Due to the regional characteristics of the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion where Kim Soo-hyun served, all will be held at the Imjingak Peace Bell near the unit.

We ask for your attention and love so that Kim Soo-hyun can continue his active activities after his discharge,” the agency said.

Kim Soo-hyun joined the military in October 2017. He was diagnosed as a Grade 4 status public service worker during his first conscription examination due to the heart disease he had suffered as a child, but was re-examined for his strong will to join the active military and was declared fit for active duty in the military. Kim Soo-hyun applied for a search squad for the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion on his own and was reportedly an exemplary soldier enough to be promoted early.

Source: nate

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