NMIXX’s Sullyoon drives Korean netizens wild with her dreamlike visuals in first-ever ending fairy moment 

Sullyoon’s visuals in her first music show stage are already legendary. 

On March 3, NMIXX had their first music show performance on Mcountdown, attracting much attention. The “pick” of Korean netizens – Sullyoon, once again took the spotlight.

From the teaser images, MV to the press conference, Sullyoon has continued to make Korean netizens crazy about her beauty. In the group’s first music show stage, Sullyoon stuns again with how eye-catching she is. Every time the camera is on her, Sullyoon boasts her dreamlike visuals. 

sullyoon nmixx
From her backstage selfie
sullyoon nmixx
To a random moment during the interview, Sullyoon looks absolutely pretty 
sullyoon nmixx
Although she doesn’t have many singing lines, every time she appears on the screen, her visuals capture all the attention 

In particular, it is impossible to ignore her fairy-ending. Fairy-ending is often a golden opportunity for visual of Kpop groups to show off their beauty. Sullyoon is of course no exception. Although it was her first time performing on the music stage, she knew how to interact with the camera, and had an impressive and beautiful ending that surprised Knetizens.

sullyoon nmixx
nmixx sullyoon
  • Well, what makes her eyes so big and beautiful? She’s so pretty
  • Seriously, her parents must have applauded her as soon as she was born
  • Wow, she looks like a princess, she’s seriously so pretty
  • Seriously, she’s the prettiest female idol I’ve ever seen
  • Crazy, I don’t usually say things like this, but she looks like a princess
  • With this face, she sings well and performs well on stage so she looks more attractive
  • It’s been a long time since I was so shocked by an idol’s visuals. The word ‘pretty’ is not enough to describe her
  • Really…..? Isn’t she human??? I think she’s a goddess
  • Wow.. Why are her eyes so big? She looks like a doll
  • By my standards, she’s the top visual of the 4th generation, her visuals are really crazy
  • Wow, she’s so pretty, is she a fairy or a princess? I think she’s from another world
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