Kim Seon-ho Boasts Dreamy Visuals when Posing with Flowers

Kim Seon-ho welcomes October with a heart-fluttering smile

On October 1st, Kim Seon-ho’s staff diary on Instagram shared a video with the caption, “Starting October with actor Seon-ho’s heart-fluttering smile.”

In the released video, Kim Seon-ho is seen holding flowers. His heart-fluttering smile melts the hearts of fans.

kim seon ho
kim seon ho

Fans expressed various reactions such as “I’m in love,” “He looks refreshing,” “The man with flowers~.”

Meanwhile, Kim Seon-ho received a lot of love from the audience for his movie “The Childe,” which was released in June.

He will also be attending the ‘2023 Asia Artist Awards IN THE PHILIPPINES’ on December 14th in the Philippines’ Philippine Arena.

Source: starnews

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