Jeongyeon (TWICE) revealed that she once went on stage despite having just gone through surgery a week before the comeback

TWICE Jeongyeon confessed that she previously got a neck injury that was serious enough for her to be hospitalized but decided to perform for fans.

TWICE Jihyo, Tzuyu and Jeongyeon appeared on the Youtube channel “odg” on November 19th. On this day, Jeongyeon recalled the past times while watching videos of “MORE & MORE” promotion activities with a student.

TWICE Jeongyeon surgery

Jeongyeon confessed that she had a herniated disc in her neck before making the “MORE & MORE” comeback. She also shared that she was hospitalized a week before TWICE’s comeback, expressing how serious her condition was at that time.

TWICE Jeongyeon surgery

Jeongyeon said she was worried a lot about whether she could perform on stage, adding, “Even until now, I still think a lot about everything that happened at that time.” Among TWICE’s songs, “MORE & MORE” has the hardest choreography. After finishing the stage, all members were out of breath and exhausted to the point that many of them collapsed on the ground. However, a week after her surgery for a neck injury, Jeongyeon decided to go on stage and perform “MORE & MORE” for fans.

TWICE Jeongyeon surgery

Last year, Jeongyeon also mentioned this story during a live broadcast on Naver V LIVE. After saying she had surgery for neck disc a week before the comeback, Jeongyeon got fans emotional with her confession, saying, “I didn’t want to show my sick appearance to ONCE (TWICE’s fandom), so I didn’t tell you and hid my injury.”

Later, Jeongyeon had to suspend her “I CAN’T STOP ME” activities because of health reasons. She also confessed that she felt nervous when returning on stage with “Alcohol-Free” this year as if it was her first debut performance. Meanwhile, TWICE is currently carrying out promotional activities for the title song “SCIENTIST” of their 3rd full album.

TWICE Jeongyeon surgery
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