Current whereabouts of Jung Hae In, Son Ye Jin and other cast members of “Something in the Rain” after 3 years

The stars of Something in the Rain constantly come back to the small screen in the last days of 2021 and early 2022. 

Something in The Rain is one of the most outstanding romantic K-dramas that came out in 2018. The drama is emotional and soothing, a perfect series to enjoy in the cold seasons.

Something in the Rain

It’s been 3 years since the release of Something in the Rain, are you curious what the cast members are doing right now? Let’s find out with us. 

Son Ye Jin (Yoon Jin Ah)

Something in the Rain Son Ye Jin (Yoon Jin Ah)

Something in the Rain marks the return to the small screen of “nation’s first love” Son Ye Jin after a long absence. Son Ye Jin play is Yoon Jin Ah, a 35-year-old woman who gets cheated on and dumped by her ex-boyfriend. 

Something in the Rain Son Ye Jin (Yoon Jin Ah)

At this age, Jin Ah is under a lot of pressure, both from work, dating life, to getting married. Jin Ah‘s life takes an important turn when she meets and falls in love with her best friend’s younger brother Seo Joon Hee (Jung Hae In). The love story between these two characters is how an iconic “noona romance” in K-drama was introduced to the audience. 

Something in the Rain Son Ye Jin (Yoon Jin Ah)

After Something in the Rain ended, Son Ye Jin achieved huge success with the hit Crash Landing On You, co-starring with her boyfriend Hyun Bin.

Crash Landing On You Son Ye Jin

She is currently shooting next year’s drama 39 with Jeon Mi Do and Kim Ji Hyun. 39 is about three women who are about to turn 40. They experience many ups and downs in life, but their strong friendship remains unchanged.

39 Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin is constantly rumored to tie the knot with Hyun Bin in the near future. If this is true, she will be the center of another legendary wedding of Korea’s entertainment industry. 

Jung Hae In (Seo Joon Hee)

Something in the Rain Jung Hae In

Seo Joon Hee is a 3D video game character designer returning to Korea after three years living abroad. Flawlessly portraying a warm and sweet Seo Joon Hee, Jung Hae In captures the hearts of many viewers. 

This is also Jung Hae In’s first-ever TV male lead role. Thanks to his performance in Something in the Rain, the actor took home many awards at The Seoul Awards, Asia Artist Awards and APAN Star Awards.

Something in the Rain Jung Hae In
Something in the Rain Jung Hae In

This year, Jung Hae In had a successful comeback in Netflix’s D.P., showing a captivating transformation of on-screen image. In the second half of 2021, he returned to the romance genre again in Snowdrop, acting alongside BLACKPINK’s Jisoo. Despite the backlash Snowdrop is facing over distortion of history, it’s impossible not to acknowledge Jung Hae In‘s acting skills, which are reflected in every delivery of lines, gesture, expression and gaze of the talented actor. 

Snowdrop Jung Hae In
Snowdrop Jung Hae In

Wi Ha Joon (Yoon Seung Ho)

Something In The Rain Wi Ha Joon (Yoon Seung Ho)

In Something In The Rain, Wi Ha Joon takes on the supporting role of Yoon Seung HoSeung Ho is Jin Ah‘s younger brother, and also the best friend of “brother-in-law” Joon Hee.  For me, this role of Wi Ha Joon did not leave much of an impression because he was just a supporting actor and his character did not have much psychological change.

Something In The Rain Wi Ha Joon (Yoon Seung Ho)

However, after Something In The Rain ended, Will Ha Joon is the person who has the most development in his career.  The proof is that the actor has appeared in many popular works such as: 18 Again, Miss & Mrs.  Cops, Romance Is a Bonus Book, Midnight, Squid Game.  In which, the movie Squid Game helped the reputation of Will Ha Joon skyrocket. 

18 Again Wi Ha Joon
Squid game Wi Ha Joon

As far as I know, Wi Ha Joon is currently participating in the project Bad and Crazy with Lee Dong Wook.  In the movie, he takes on the role of K – a hero who is always aiming for justice.

Bad and Crazy Wi Ha Joon

Bad And Crazy aired on December 17 on tvN after Han Hyo Joo and Park Hyung Sik‘s Happiness ended.  This means that Wi Ha Joon and “brother-in-law” Jung Hae In will have a fierce rating confrontation at the end of this year.  Let’s wait and see who wins!

Jang So Yeon (Seo Kyung Sun)

Something in the rain Jang So Yeon (Seo Kyung Sun)

Seo Kyung Seon is the older sister of the male lead Joon Hee and the best friend of the female lead Jin Ah, who runs a coffee shop.  When she found out that her best friend and younger brother were dating, she felt betrayed and blamed her best friend, but in the end, she still supported her because she wanted her loved ones to be happy.

When watching the drama, I was a big fan of the two’s beautiful friendship when she cared very much for her best friend and always wanted to find Yoon Jin Ah a good man.

Something in the rain Jang So Yeon (Seo Kyung Sun)

After Something In The Rain, actress Seo Kyung Sun once again reunited with Son Ye Jin in”Crash Landing on You” as the wife of a “eavesdropping” comrade in North Korea.  

Something in the rain Jang So Yeon (Seo Kyung Sun)

Compared to the rest of the actors, I think Seo Kyung Sun‘s career is the least developed.  So I hope that the actress will choose the right script to shine more in the future.

Something in the rain Jang So Yeon (Seo Kyung Sun)

It has been 3 years since the day Something In The Rain was officially broadcast.  In the film’s cast, some suddenly became stars, some were still struggling to find their place.  But I am sure that the values ​​of the film will remain forever in the hearts of the audience. 

Something in the rain

Hopefully in the future the stars of  Something In The Rain will have a reunion on another TV series to repay the audience’s expectations.  

Something in the rain cast


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