This might be the reason why CUBE doesn’t need HyunA anymore

Everyone says HyunA is CUBE’s “precious jewel” , but is it true?

The fact that HyunA and E’Dawn were kicked out of the company would be the most shocking scandal of Kpop in September. In the heart of this scandal, many people have claimed that Cube “throwing” HyunA out is like throwing his own treasure away when the singer’s reputation is not small at all. However, looking back at what this “sexy queen” brought to the company in the past year, Kpop fans will somewhat understand why Cube didn’t want to keep her stay.


According to these index from Gaon, in 2018, the total number of albums sold by Cube artists was about 288,000. Specifically, BTOB’s albums have the highest sales with 41.8%, followed by PENTAGON with 25.8%. In this list, it is unexpected that HyunA‘s album this year only accounted for about 4% (Triple H‘s “REtro Futurism”). This figure is lower than Cube’s new girl group, (G)I-DLE’s “I Am”, which accounts for 8.5% of the company’s total sales.

Cube’s sales of discs in 2018.

In terms of digital music, BTOB’s music has nearly 930 million points on Gaon, HyunA continued to be over shadowed by (G)I-DLE as they released two addictive songs this year – “Latata” and “Hann” and it has taken the girls to the second highest on the list of artists with the highest number of digital music scores in CUBE. HyunA also has the advantage of “Lip & Hip”, which was released in December 2017, before (G)I-DLE quite a long time but the singer has quite a modest score (26.2 million), losing to Soyeon with the collaboration song “Wow Thing” and PENTAGON with “Shine”.

Digital scoreboard on Gaon by Cube artists in 2018.
After 4minute and HyunA, (G)I-DLE is Cube’s most potential female artists at the moment.

Thus, the low album sales and poor performance in the digital music market of HyunA can be said to be one of the factors that make Cube no longer want her. Besides, the scandals of HyunA and EDawn have had a heavy impact on PENTAGON‘s earning money. Specifically, the group’s new album (“Thumb Up!”) sales has dropped significantly (about 60%) compared to the previous album entitled “Positive”.

PENTAGON’s 2-album sales in 2018 are very different.

It is often thought that HyunA is the Cube’s most famous singer, referring to HyunA as Cube’s representative artist. There is no denying that the glorious past has helped the singer do it. However, the names that now bring the company the most money is BTOB, PENTAGON and (G) I-DLE in the near future. With a business venture, Cube will be ready to get rid of what is out of date or no longer financially valuable.

Source: kenh14

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