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Solo pictorials of four “Physical: 100” female cast members born in the 90s draw a hot response 

The pictorials and interviews featuring 4 female participants of Netflix’s entertainment show “Physical: 100” draw keen attention.

On February 22nd, W Korea released a pictorial and interview of 4 female participants of “Physical: 100”, Shim Euddeum, Jang Eun Sil, Hwang Bityeoul, and Minji.

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Shim Euddeum, a fitness YouTuber with 1.4 million subscribers, said that when she was young, she was born underweight (2.2 kg) and spent her school days with a weak constitution. Born with poor stamina, she suffered from a car accident, and while rehabilitating, she focused on improving her physical strength through Pilates, running, and powerlifting. Now, she boasts extraordinary physicality. She said, “Even on physically difficult days, if the last schedule is powerlifting, my adrenaline rises because I’m excited. Every time I lift weight, I feel confident in myself and my mentality is strong.”

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Jang Eun Sil is a former member of the national wrestling team  She says that even in the Taereung Athletes’ Village, where all athletes, including the national team, are gathered, the exercise of wrestlers is said to be beyond imagination. From 6 in the morning to 10 at night, she repeated the exercise four times a day of extreme exercise. Jang Eun Sil was also skinny when she was in high school when she started wrestling. That’s why she had to shed a lot more sweat and tears than others. She said in the interview, “Now I have a mind to enjoy exercise. It seems that my horizons have broadened. I think I’ve reached my second heyday as a wrestler.”

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Hwang Bityeoul, a crossfit athlete, said that during her school days, when she started her physical education college entrance exam, she already had an outstanding athletic ability. After choosing CrossFit at the recommendation of a senior in physical education, she honed CrossFit for several years and lifted trophies in various competitions. Picking shoulders as the part of her body she is most proud of, Hwang Bityeoul said, “It is difficult to build shoulder muscles like this. It takes much longer and is more difficult than men’s. That’s how hard I worked out to build my body.”

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The main character in the pictorial is Minji, a wrestling player. She wanted to face someone with a bigger physique regardless of gender, and drew attention by pointing out a male rugby national team player with a much larger physique than her to go up against in the 1:1 ball stealing match of “Physical: 100.” She said, “I have no regrets about my choice. Thanks to that, I had a valuable experience that I couldn’t get in a wrestling ring. I became close with Jang Seong Min, who I nominated as my opponent.”

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These four women have one thing in common: they were born in the 1990s. Shim Eutteum and Minji were born in 1990, Jang Eun Sil was born in 1991, and Hwang Bityeoul was born in 1994. More details of their interviews can be found on W Korea.

When the pictorial photos were released, a hot response from netizens poured in as they left comments, “Their muscles are really cool”, “How much effort did you put into building those muscles? It’s amazing”, “I need to be motivated and try to work out”, “It’s really difficult for women to build shoulder muscles and arm muscles. Women who have worked out will know that.” 

Meanwhile, “Physical: 100” made Netflix’s Top 10 shows around the world and was on the rise, but the press conference to celebrate the end of the show was canceled due to the cast’s controversies.  Netflix, which made an official position ahead of the press conference scheduled for February 28th, said, “The production team of ‘Physical: 100’ reported that the cast was involved in an unpleasant incident and is investigating the situation. We have canceled the event because we decided that finding out what happened was the priority.”

Physical 100

Cast member A the on “Physical: 100” was pointed out as a perpetrator of school violence after the show ended, and male cast member B was suspected of threatening his ex-girlfriend with self-harm. Cast member C, a former member of the national team, was investigated by the police for assaulting his girlfriend. There were also certain participants who were suspected of using steroid drugs to highlight their muscular bodies.

Source: Wikitree

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