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IVE Yujin praised for clever answer when asked, “Do you feel arrogant after winning Daesang?”

Ahn Yujin, a member of girl group IVE, drew attention with her clever response on a recent IVE program. 

Recently, girl group IVE appeared on the variety show “Knowing Bros”, where their achievements at year-end award ceremonies were mentioned. 

In particular, a “Knowing Bros” host, Lee Sang Min, asked, “You guys won ‘Rookie of the Year’ and Daesang in the same year, not long after debut. This is a miraculous achievement, but what’s also important is your mindset. Do you guys view yourselves as Daesang winners or as rookies?”


Upon hearing this, Ahn Yujin answered carefully, “On the stage, we think of ourselves as Daesang winners, but off the stage, we are rookies”. 

Afterwards, when IVE was asked if they become arrogant after winning Daesang, Yujin impressed with a clever response, saying, “Do Daesang winners do that? It is not the case with us.”

Netizesn who heard Yujin’s tactful answer have been showering the IVE member in praise for being able to stay humble yet still proud. 

Source: VKR News

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