“Big Mouth” and “Vagabond”: same production team, similar tragedies 

As “Big Mouth” reached its conclusion, many fans started to point out similarities between his drama and “Vagabond”. 

Lee Jong Suk and Yoona are perfect for romance K-dramas, as they are a “visual couple” who have got plenty of experience in such a realm. That’s why when the two announced their collaboration in the K-drama “Big Mouth”, many fans started to expect a lot of cute moments between the couple.

Big Mouth

As “Big Mouth” started, viewers are swooned over by romantic scenes of Lee Jong Suk and Yoona, which are told via flashbacks. Unfortunately, they only last a couple of episodes, before tragedy takes the reign for the rest of the right. In the end, despite “Big Mouth” being a great show that concluded with viewership as high as 13.7%, it was not a happy watch, simply because most of this K-drama is filled with angst. 


In particular, Lee Jong Suk and Yoona play husband and wife in “Big Mouth”, yet the total of their sweet moments together last only for a couple of minutes, and the finale even killed off one of them. They was a great couple who had intense chemistry, great trust in each other, and overwhelming love, and no kissing scene at all was shown. 

In the end, after ages of staying apart, struggling to fight against the evil, and overcoming adversities together, Yoona’s character Go Mi Ho found out she had late stage cancer and died, while Lee Jong Suk’s character Park Chang Ho went from being mistaken for the criminal “Big Mouse” to being “Big Mouse” himself. Sure, he had power at the end of the series, but evil still persisted, and he was alone without his wife – so it’s no exaggeration to call this couple one of the most tragic of all time.


After watching the shocking finale of “Big Mouth”, viewers noticed Jang Young Chul and Jung Kyung Soon were the drama’s writers. Coincidentally, this duo also penned another famous drama with a controversial ending, “Vagabond”.

In “Vagabond”, the main leads, Cha Dal Gun and Go Hae Ri, played by Lee Seung Gi and Suzy, also encountered many dangers and traps of their enemies like Lee Jong Suk and Yoona in “Big Mouth”. “Vagabond” has a cliffhanger ending. The drama’s thrilling development stops right when viewers are on the edge of their seats, making them long for another season. However, it has been 3 years since season 1 was released and plans for season 2 have yet to be announced. 

big mouth

To be fair, Cha Dal Gun and Go Hae Ri are still a bit luckier than Park Chang Ho and Go Mi Ho. They fight together side by side in every episode. Most importantly, they are not separated for good and there is still a chance for them to reunite. Meanwhile, the death of Go Mi Ho in “Big Mouth” tore viewers’ hearts apart. Not even an open ending, the writers made viewers suffer the saddest ending. 

Both “Big Mouth” and “Vagabond” are unarguably good, engaging dramas with perfectly cast actors, but different endings could have made both dramas more complete instead of sparking negative reactions. After “Big Mouth” ended, many viewers are asking Lee Jong Suk and Yoona to reunite in a lighthearted rom-com to compensate for their unfinished romance in “Big Mouth”. 

Source: Dienanh

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