Kim Mi Kyung, “I’m close to ‘daughters’ Kim Tae Hee & Jang Na Ra. I started playing mothers in my early 40s”

Actress Kim Mi Kyung showed her pride in playing mother roles and mentioned her on-screen daughters.

Kim Mi Kyung and Cha Ji Yeon guested on the August 29th broadcast of JTBC’s entertainment program “Salty Pawn Shop” and revealed various stories.

Kim Mi-kyung

‘National Mom’ Kim Mi Kyung mentioned the role of Ryu Seung’s mother she portrayed in 2004 when she was in her early 40s, saying it was her first mother character. The actress shared, “I was determined to try the role as long as viewers didn’t feel uncomfortable with the age difference”, adding “I never imagined myself playing a mother role back then, but after that, I kept receiving offers to play mother characters”.

Proudly revealing that she has had over 70 children throughout her career, Kim Mi Kyung said, “Most of them are daughters. Even if I don’t often meet them after the dramas, many daughters still call me ‘mom’”, adding “I’m particularly close to Jang Na Ra. She often visits my house. I’m also close to Kim Tae Hee. My daughters are all beautiful and talented”, expressing her affection for junior actresses.

Kim Mi-kyung

Kim Mi Kyung confessed that she seems to have an old-looking image due to her mother roles. Hearing that, Cha Ji Yeon mentioned her same-age celebrities, such as Han Ji Min, Yoo In Na, and Son Ye Jin, saying “I’m younger than Jun Ji Hyun but I look older”, drawing laughter.

On the broadcast, Kim Mi Kyung surprised everyone when revealing that she has practiced drums for 10 years and showcasing her charismatic appearance by playing the drums with Cha Ji Yeon singing the song “No One”. She also impressed viewers by mentioning other hobbies, such as motorcycling, bungee jumping, scuba diving, kendo, shooting, horseback riding, etc.

Kim Mi-kyung

The actress also disclosed the story of when she gave up on a project due to a kissing scene and the fact that she was Song Ji Na’s co-writer for the drama “Eyes of Dawn”. She shared, “The drama needed a lot of historical materials so I organized and fact-checked them for her. We spent many nights reading thick books together”.

Source: Naver

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