Taeyang Makes First Appearance on “Space Empathy” And Impresses with His Live Vocals 

Taeyang has made a guest appearance on “Space Empathy.”

As the main vocalist and main dancer of BIGBANG, Taeyang solidified his position as a solo artist by receiving critical acclaim and support from the public with every song he released after his solo debut in 2008, including “Only Look At Me,” “Eyes, Nose, Lips,” and “Wedding Dress.”


After a long hiatus of six years, he released a new EP, “Down to Earth,” on April 25, and has received praise for his broad music spectrum that captures the public’s nostalgia and emotions with his matured vocals.

Taeyang expressed his excitement before the performance, saying, “I have always liked the program ‘Space Empathy’ and always thought about standing on that stage one day.”

Although he has performed on numerous stages, the “Space Empathy” live show, where the audience is close enough to touch and the entire performance must be delivered live with a band arrangement, was a new experience for Taeyang as well.

The live concert started off with Taeyang playing the keyboard, followed by his new song “Shoong!” arranged with a band set that suited the intimate theater atmosphere, as well as hit songs he hasn’t performed frequently lately, such as “I Need A Girl,” “Only Look At Me,” and “Eyes, Nose, Lips,” for a total of 10 live performances.


Taeyang’s emotional vocals, detailed gestures, overwhelming gaze, and performance captivated the audience, fully immersing them in the stage. During the concert, Taeyang also had an impromptu Q&A session with the audience and sat at the end of the stage, singing the title track “Seed” and having a heated exchange with the audience.

In an interview later on, Taeyang said, “As an artist, I think it’s important to live life fully as a human being. When things like that are done well, artists can shine even more. I think living a life without regrets is the first step.”

You can watch Taeyang’s live performances on EBS “Space Empathy” at 12:00 AM KST on May 12.

Source: daum

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