Reasons why the movie “The Face Reader” recently emerged as a popular content on Netflix

On Oct 15th, an article was posted on online communities and SNS saying that they knew why “The Face Reader” suddenly reappeared as a popular content on Netflix. This movie was released in 2013. However, it suddenly received attention again on Netflix.

The Face Reader

The first reason was the cast. “The Face Reader” has already drawn attention at the time of its release with its spectacular casting lineup. Actors Kim Hye-soo, Song Kang-ho, Cho Jung-seok, Baek Yoon-sik, Lee Jung-jae, and Lee Jong-suk appear. Among them, Lee Jung-jae and Song Kang-ho have one thing in common: their international fame.

The Face Reader
The Face Reader

Song Kang-ho made his name known thanks to the movie “Parasite” while Lee Jung-jae received attention for his appearance in “Squid Game“. It is a movie in which the main character of “Parasite” and the main character of “Squid Game” appeared together. The second reason was the historical background. “Squid Game” was not the only Korean content that drew attention on Netflix. Earlier, the “Kingdom” series also became very popular.

“The Face Reader” was set in the same dynasty as “Kingdom.”. “The Face Reader” is a movie that brings together important elements of “Kingdom”, “Parasite”, and “Squid Game”, making it something that foreign netizens might be curious about. After the movie became known, it started to go viral overseas.

Korean netizens said, “It was a movie with all the names of popular films,” and “It seems to be a huge movie if you look at it like this. I also want to see it again even though I’ve seen it already. Seeing these promoted contents”, some said, “This is an explanation that overseas fans can’t pass”.

Source: Dispatch

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