The real “The Glory”, from Song Hye Kyo’s burst of laughter to Park Sung Hoon’s hit and hug

“The Glory”, which focuses on the desperate revenge of a woman who experienced the pain of school violence, boasts a different behind-the-scenes atmosphere.

For two consecutive weeks, Netflix has released a massive amount of behind-the-scenes footage to prevent over-immersion in the hit drama “The Glory”, which is standing at the top among non-English series.

the glory

In particular, on March 22nd, Netflix uploaded a behind video of “The Glory” and wrote, “We published another ‘The Glory’ over-immersion prevention video. While gathering the moments that make us burst into laughter bursts, we were so excited, Yeonjin-ah”.

the glory

In the released video, there is a scene of Lim Ji Yeon and Song Hye Kyo laughing while looking at each other, while filming the fierce confrontation of their respective characters, Park Yeon Jin and Moon Dong Eun.

the glory

Behind-the-scenes footage for sweet romantic scenes between Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun was also revealed. In particular, Lee Do Hyun had a surprised look when he removed a band-aid from Song Hye Kyo’s cheek and it fell off more painful than expected. Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo laughed at Lee Do Hyun’s reaction.

the glory

On the other hand, Park Sung Hoon, who had many hitting scenes, can be seen hugging the bloody-looking Heo Dong Won, who played a pervert teacher in “The Glory”, after hitting him hard. During his fight scene with Jung Sung Il, who played the role of Ha Do Young, Park Sung Hoon also boasted a friendly atmosphere, laughing and monitoring the filming together with his co-star.

In addition, Park Sung Hoon massaged the shoulders of Kim Hieora (playing Lee Sa Ra), who had to film a scene where her character stabbed the neck of Cha Joo Young (playing Hye Jeong) with a pencil. 

the glory

“You have to relax your muscles. Is it difficult?”, he said while being conscious of the camera. 

Meanwhile, Kim Hieora, who realized that Park Sung Hoon was “acting” for the camera, jokingly made a gesture to cut the scene, causing laughter. She then leaned on Cha Joo Young and pretended to be close friends, saying, “I’m sorry. You know my heart isn’t like that, right?

In response, Cha Joo Young, who is aware of her soon-to-be-stabbed neck, replied, “It’s okay,” and tried to prevent over-immersion.

the glory

At the end, Kim Gun Woo, who played the role of Son Myeong Oh, appeared as a corpse and greeted everyone with a bright smile despite his bloodstained body.

On the other hand, Part 1 of Netflix’s “The Glory”, which is enjoying global popularity, was released on December 30th of last year, followed by Part 2’s release on March 10th of this year. 

Source: Nate

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