Recent appearance of Kim Woo-bin, who considered surgery as his shoulders were too narrow

Actor Kim Woo-bin showed off his broad shoulders.

On Oct 29th, Kim Woo-bin released several photos through his personal Instagram without any special caption.

kim woo bin

In the photos, Kim Woo-bin was trying on various kinds of clothes at a fashion brand store. His tall height and distinct features attracted attention.

Netizens showed various reactions such as “Your shoulders are crazy”, “You’re indeed a model”, “Your smile makes my day”, “Thank you for your existence”, “You’re cute”…

Kim Woo-bin Krystal

Kim Woo-bin is a model-turned-actor. He debuted as a model at the Kim Seo-ryong Homme Show in 2008. Since his debut as a model, he has built a solid career with magazines Maxim, W, Vogue Girl, Busan prêt-à-porter 09 S/S Seo Eun-gil, Seoul Fashion Week 09 F/W Kang Dong-joon, Kim Seo-ryong, Lee Joo-young, Lee Young-joon, Park Sung-chul…

kim woo bin

Although he is now known as an actor rather than a model, his passion for modeling was enormous. From his second year in high school, Kim Woo-bin sent dozens of inquiries to the university he wanted to attend. Even his handwritten letter to the professor was revealed.

kim woo bin

In the letter, Kim Woo-bin, a high school student at that time, wrote, “As I learned walking, learned photo poses under the guidance of models and older brothers as well as took acting classes, I became convinced that this is a job that I really want to do. Although I’m ugly and lack the charm of models, I’m more confident in my passion and effort than anyone else.”

Kim Woo-bin even considered shrinking his skull after receiving feedback that he had a big head.

kim woo bin

Kim Woo-bin’s professor at university revealed, “Kim Woo-bin’s face turned red and he sought counseling. I asked him what was going on, and he asked me to introduce him a hospital. He told me, ‘The designer teacher said my head is too big to be a model.’ He asked me to introduce him a hospital to shrink his skull.”

Body trainer Yang Chi-seung is also well aware of Kim Woo-bin’s passion.

Yang Chi-seung talked about Kim Woo-bin, “Kim Woo-bin used to have very narrow shoulders that were even called a pencil. He worked out really hard.”

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