From “Little Kim Tae Hee”, T-ARA Jiyeon has become the bride-to-be of an athlete

Jiyeon, the youngest member of girl group T-ARA, is drawing attention with her recent wedding announcement.

The girl group T-ARA once created a “retro craze” in Korea with their mega hit “Roly-Poly”. Among the members, Jiyeon, the youngest, is a famous entertainer who has been active in various fields across her career, from acting to singing. 

Park Ji-yeon

Recently, the idol-actress has announced her upcoming wedding with baseball player Hwang Jae Kyun, drawing a lot of attention. 

Some netizens even brought up past photos of Jiyeon smiling as she threw the first pitch, joking that this was when her love for baseball started. 

Park Ji-yeon

Jiyeon is a veteran entertainer who entered the industry 14 years ago at an extremely young age. 

While she officially debuted with T-ARA in 2009, she has already starred in various commercials and dramas prior to that, including projects such as “Hello! Miss”, “Lobbyist”, and “Aeja’s Older Sister, Minja”.


She made a name for herself as part of the famous “See-Da-Ji” (SeeYa, Davichi, Jiyeon) and released the digital single “Women’s Generation”, where she received a lot of attention and was dubbed “the second Kim Tae Hee”. 

At the beginning of her career, Jiyeon appeared on air with a cute image, and captured the hearts of many male students by creating the buzzword “Western~” in the KBS2 drama “God of Study”, as well as with her sweet chemistry with best friend IU in the SBS variety show “Heroes”. 

At the time, Jiyeon also filmed a mobile phone advertisement with Yoon Si Yoon, making a deep mark in the minds of many audiences.

​​With such a feminine and cute image, however, the idol-actress also has an unexpected side. She is actually skilled in Taekwondo, and originally dreamed of becoming a 3rd Dan Taekwondo athlete. 

Alongside her gorgeous visuals, Jiyeon also proved her acting ability, having starred in 15 projects, and showed off her singing abilities through various OST tracks and solo songs. 

The female idol’s dancing skills are also impressive, to the point that famous choreographer Bae Yoon Jung selected Jiyeon’s dance line as her favorite. 

Jiyeon, who has been happily dating, finally announced a marriage with baseball player Hwang Jae Kyun. Apparently, the wedding will be held after the 2022 KBO season is over. 

In the past, Jiyeon also showed off her happiness while dating, even publishing dishes made by Hwang Jae Kyun, who is known to be an excellent cook. 

hwang jae kyun t-ara jiyeon thumbnail

The couple will be tying the knot this December, and Jiyeon will be the most beautiful bride. Hopefully, the couple will lead a happy married life and stay walking on a flower road. 

Source: naver

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