NMIXX talked about three ways to be casted to become an idol in new episode of “Weekly Idol”

Member Bae surprised everyone as she is a “One shot One kill.”

Weekly Idol

JYP’s rookie group NMIXX recently made its first appearance on a variety show since its debut with MBC M and MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol,” which aired on the afternoon of February 23rd.

In this episode of “Weekly Idol,” NMIXX and the MCs discussed how the girls were casted into JYP. They listed out three ways for a girl to become a trainee. First was through public auditions, second was to be casted on the street, and the third was to follow a friend to an audition and pass.  

All eyes focused on member Bae as she recalled her story of being casted on the street. Bae said it was a summer day when she was a middle schooler. As she was walking to the school’s back door wearing a summer top and gym pants, a stranger approached her and asked if she was interested in dancing or singing. Her friends were so excited to hear that and complimented her dancing and singing skills to the stranger. 

That was how Bae was casted. She was invited to an audition and passed at the first try.

Everyone in the studio was very surprised to hear her story and believed it was her fate to become an idol. MC Kwanghee even called her an “One shot One kill” as she passed the audition and became a part of NMIXX

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