Black Pink will make a comeback this summer with a ‘black’ song?

Although each member is busy with their individual projects, many rumors suggest that Black Pink will return this summer.

It has been more than 18 months that Black Pink members have not had any music activities together since the song “Lovesick Girls” was released in 2020. After a long wait, Blinks are now very excited about their upcoming comeback, especially after Jisoo hinted at information about the new song as well as the group’s comeback time.

It seems that the waiting time for fans is shortening because recently, some interesting information has been revealed by Jisoo.

Recently, Jisoo spent time interacting with fans on the Weverse platform. Fans expressed their longing for Black Pink‘s next music product by leaving a message: “Come back quickly! I can’t wait to see it!” In response, the group’s eldest member also excitedly revealed, “I also want to let you guys hear new songs as soon as possible.”

According to the female idol, the YG group plans to release many songs in this comeback. In particular, Jisoo also used the phrase “cool” to describe new products, causing fans to speculate that this album might have a “black” concept. On the other hand, when asked about the comeback time, the Black Pink member said, “It will come when the weather becomes a bit hotter”. It seems that she has implicitly confirmed that the group will return this summer.

Blackpink jisoo
Jisoo revealed that Black Pink will come back with new songs when the weather gets hotter.

In early March, Jeon Somi accidentally revealed the melody of a song that is believed to be Black Pink’s upcoming musical product. As soon as the song played, fans quickly realized that the singing voice was Jennie‘s. On the other hand, when appearing on the show “The Game Caterers 2” recently, Jennie also said that the female idols are preparing for a comeback in the near future.

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