“Idols these days are lazy”… EXO’s Suho is at the center of attention for his remarks

EXO’s Suho is drawing attention with his remarks about idols these days.

On April 15th, Suho held a fan signing event at a cafe in Busan and communicated with his fans. At the end of the event, Suho said, “I feel so happy that I can give my fans good memories.”

EXO Suho

Suho said sarcastically, “Actually, I didn’t think it was such a great event. I thought I was the one doing everything,” and “Idols these days seem to be very lazy.” Then he added, “Is it a matter of the agency? As companies are getting bigger and the idol market is more crowded, they don’t seem to care about every little thing. It’s unfortunate.”

EXO Suho

Netizens who saw his remarks showed various reactions, such as “Considering his experience in this industry, he has the right to say that”, “I think it’s right”, “He is still going strong in this field thanks to that mindset”, and “It’s weird if they feel attacked by what he said”.

EXO Suho comeback

Meanwhile, Suho recently released his second mini-album “Grey Suit” on April 4th.

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