NewJeans Danielle praised for sincere apology after “Chinese New Year” remark

The wind is turning for NewJeans member Danielle, who was previously condemned by the public for mentioning “Chinese New Year”.

Previously on January 21st, NewJeans member Danielle apologized for her use of the term “Chinese New Year” in a message she sent on the fan communicating app “Phoning”. 

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In particular, the female idol said, “Since Lunar New Year is a holiday celebrated in many countries and regions, including Korea, my expression was inappropriate and I deeply reflect on what I did”, adding, “I would like to apologize to Bunnies and many people who were disappointed or hurt accordingly by what I said.”

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At first, public opinion was cold, with netizens condemning Danielle for calling an important holiday that many nations celebrate “Chinese New Year”. However, following the apology, the wind has changed, and opinions such as “This is what an apology is”, which compared Danielle’s apology to that of other idols, are appearing. 

In particular, under Danielle’s apology post and related articles, people left comments like, “Even if Danielle grew up abroad, she is active in Korea, so it’s important for her to know more about our history and culture. Nevertheless, seeing her admit the mistake right away and apologize, I look forward to the future” and “Unlike apology letters of others, who seem to have been forced to admit their wrongdoing, Danielle admitted her mistake with conscience.”

Overall, it seems that the female idol’s sincere words and direct admittance of her mistake has managed to touch the hearts of the Korean public. 

On the other hand, NewJeans, the group to which Danielle belongs to, recently released the title song “OMG” and the b-side track “Ditto” from their single album “OMG”. They have since won various cups from music programs such as KBS2’s “Music Bank”, SBS’s “Inkigayo”, and MBC’s “Music Core”.

Source: Daum

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