AKMU Suhyun talked about her older brother Chanhyuk: “He has G-Dragon disease?”

AKMU Suhyun discussed her brother Chanhyuk’s so-called “GD disease” in her latest YouTube video. 

On May 19th, Suhyun posted a new video on her YouTube channel, which was titled: “You say your weight fluctuates a lot, but why is that? | Q&A Interview that crosses the line.” In the video, Suhyun played both the interviewee and interviewer and addressed a matter regarding her older brother and co-member Chanhyuk. 

In the video, the singer discussed her brother’s “GD disease”, where he performed with a swag style similar to that of G-Dragon, saying: “Recently, ChanHyuk changed a lot and shocked everyone. Am I jealous or anything like that? Whenever I get this question, I can see the intentions of the person asking it. I just want Chanhyuk to have some fun and enjoy.”

AKMU Suhyun

She then added: “I don’t think that ChanHyuk has changed at all. It’s been 10 years since We did ‘Don’t cross your legs’. In the meantime, of course, people are bound to change, and Chanhyuk has changed as well. His changed appearance doesn’t match the AKMU that people liked before. I think that it didn’t go that well with ChanHyuk, and I know that he went through a lot.”

AKMU Suhyun
AKMU Suhyun addressed questions about her older brother. 

“And at some point, he really reached his limit,” she continued. “I’ve seen him going through all that. So, I really like seeing him being happy and doing things that he likes. Also this change in AKMU seems to be accepted by the public as well. I’m so glad about that. And thanks to ChanHyuk, the range of music that AKMU can show in the future has gotten wider.” 

AKMU Suhyun

Despite the siblings’ constant bickering, Suhyun also expressed respect for her older brother, sharing: “I really respect him a lot, and I admit that I understand him as well. But he’s so different from me. Each and every one of his gestures, every action and even the way he talks, I can’t help but be surprised.”

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