Surprisingly this actress is NOT Park So-dam

This actress used to be called “Park So-dam’s doppelganger.”

In the cast of “Not Out,” which won three awards at the Jeonju Film Festival, various talents of independent films are gathered, including an actress named Song Yi-jae.

Before we discuss her acting skills, her appearance that looks too similar to actress Park So-dam should be mentioned. Fans are also surprised at how it is difficult to distinguish Park So-dam and Song Yi-jae in short-haired photos, which is also Park So-dam’s signature.

Song Yi-jae was actually a dancer who has won both domestic and international dance competitions. In 2017, she started acting as a cast member for SNL Korea. In the SNL version of “The Priests” starring Park So-dam, Song Yi-jae played Park So-dam’s character, drawing attention.

In addition, the actress acted in Giriboy’s music videos “Global Extinction” and the drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?”

Since then, she has reportedly been selected to play the main character in the occult horror thriller “The Scene.” This production deals with mysterious phenomena and terrible events that cannot be explained scientifically, centering on two actresses cast in a famous director’s dance film.

Fans are looking forward to Song Yi-jae’s future activities as the actress is building her own filmography and getting rid of her Park So-dam’s doppelganger reputation.

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