Kim Jin Woo donated 10 million won to help the earthquake relief effort in Turkey and Syria amidst busy schedules 

Other stars are also joining hands in the disaster relief efforts. 

Kim Jin Woo (stage name Jinu), a member of Winner, gave a helping hand to the victims of the tragic earthquake in Turkey and Syria. 

kim jin woo

The Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association said on the 8th, “Winner Kim Jin Woo donated 10 million won to contribute to [the relief effort for the victims of] earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.”

Kim Jin-woo is confirmed to be in filming for KBS2’s new drama “Pure Boxer.” It was reported that the idol-actor took time to express his donating intention even when he was busy with the filming schedule, drawing attention. 

kim jin woo

Hope Bridge plans to deliver emergency relief supplies and medicines to the affected areas through local embassies, Korean Associations, and relief organizations.

Hope Bridge’s Secretary-General Kim Jung Hee expressed, “I am grateful to Kim Jin Woo for donating for the victims of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria,” adding that, “Hope Bridge will also do its best to help the victims relieve from the shock of the disaster as soon as possible.”

kim jin woo

Apart from Kim Jin Woo, other stars are also donating to contribute to the relief efforts. 

Host and TV personality Jang Sung Kyu said on Instagram that he would donate all of the profit gained from his YouTube channel to victims of earthquake in Turkey. Adding money from his own pocket, Sung Kyu will donate a total of 23 million won.

kim jin woo

Singer and actor Yang Dong Geun also donated 10 million won. According to his agency, the actor visited the Turkish Embassy in Korea at 10 a.m. to donate the relief money. Rapper DinDin also donated 10 million won through the Korean Red Cross.

Source: wikitree

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