BLACKPINK’s comeback faces obstacles 

BLACKPINK’s long-awaited comeback received fans’ backlashes and neighboring fandom’s criticism. 

Recently, BLACKPINK’s Jennie was caught in the criticisms from Jisoo’s Akgaes (malicious individual fans) when the idol only shared her video teasers and posters on her Instagram while Jisoo enthusiastically promoted the group’s photos alongside her individual teasers and posters. . 

Jennie was criticized for posting solely her teasers and posters on her private Instagram by Jisoo’s fans. (Image: YG Entertainment) 
Jisoo enthusiastically posted her individual photos and group’s photos to promote their comeback. (Image: Instagram @sooyaaa__)

Previously, Lisa’s fanbase also expressed their anger when the idol’s management company YG Entertainment treated their idol unfairly. The company omitted links to YouTube and Naver when posting her teaser video on Twitter, tagged the wrong hashtag (#BLACPINK instead of #BLACKPINK) on her YouTube video and did not add the teaser to the general “Pink Venom” playlist, only to be added later on. These things combined are said to affect the female idol’ future achievements. 

YG Entertainment posted Lisa’s teaser video without YouTube and Naver links. (Image: Twitter @BLACKPINK) 
The company attached the wrong name hashtag of BLACKPINK. (Image: YouTube BLACKPINK) 
Lisa’s teaser video was not added to the general “Pink Venom” playlist. (Image: YouTube BLACKPINK) 
blackpink lisa pink venom
These errors combined can affect Lisa’s overall achievement. (Image: YG Entertainment) 

Especially, LISABar, Lisa’s largest fanbase in China, has announced their halt in purchasing BLACKPINK’s new album unless the company gives an update on  LALISA’s album statistics in the time period from January 2022 to present on Gaon. According to the latest announcement, her solo album recorded 800 thousand sold copies.

LISABar announced halting the purchase of BLACKPINK’s upcoming album. (Image: HANTEO News) 
BLACKPINK’s records will be affected if Lisa’s large fan bases stop buying the album. (Image: YG Entertainment) 

Another incident happened where, after BLACKPINK’s concept photos were released, MYs (aespa’s fandom) accused YG Entertainment of plagiarizing their idol’s concept. The accusation sparked controversies between the two fandoms. 

aespa blackpink
BLACKPINK’s concept teasers were accused by aespa’s fans for plagiarism based on color scheme. (Image: Pinterest) 
aespa blackpink
However, third parties believed their created images were wildly different. (Image: Pinterest) 

On a different note, Jennie’s outfit attracted criticism for being “too revealing”.  Some Korean fans had mixed reactions when they saw Jennie in this outfit and showed negative reactions to her given clothing.  

Jennie worried fans for wearing “too revealing” clothing. (Image: YG Entertainment) 

In just a few days, BLACKPINK is officially making their comeback to the music track after two years of absence. Their appeal, talent and experience enable the girl group to have a satisfying comeback, that is with a timely response from YG to current situations. 

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