Barbie Hsu’s ex-husband reveals their children’s faces without consent…Barbie Hsu plans to file a lawsuit

Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu, singer Koo Jun Yup’s wife, is expected to file another lawsuit against her ex-husband Wang Xiaofei.

According to Chinese media outlet Sina Entertainment on May 15th (local time), Wang Xiaofei posted a photo taken with his son and daughter on his SNS account on May 14th to celebrate his son’s birthday.

The photo showed Wang Xiaofei blowing out candles on the birthday cake with his son and daughter. In particular, the front faces of the son and daughter were revealed in the photo, leading to a heated debate among netizens.

seo hee won

Many Chinese netizens expressed concern, saying that the disclosure of the children’s faces did not have the consent of Barbie Hsu. The two reportedly agreed not to release photos after the children turned two.

In this regard, an official from Barbie Hsu’s side said through Taiwanese media, “Barbie Hsu plans to file a lawsuit, and she has already entrusted the handling of everything to her lawyer.

Meanwhile, Barbie Hsu divorced Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei in November 2021, and remarried Koo Jun Yup in March of the following year. Afterwards, Barbie Hsu filed a lawsuit against Wang Xiaofei for payment of living expenses.

Source: Nate

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