Lee Seung Gi’s image changed dramatically before marriage, Hook worked hard to cover flaws?

Many Korean netizens are saying that the favorable image of Lee Seung Gi was created by none other than Hook Entertainment.

On March 3rd, media outlet TenAsia published an article advising Lee Seung Gi on his recent moves, saying that it is not the time for the actor to be immersed in the sweet dreams of newlyweds.

Lee Seung-gi

Ten Asia mentioned an interview Lee Seung Gi had with a magazine. In the interview, Lee Seung Gi said that he found the public’s support for his 5 billion won donation encouraging, and added that he still uses economy class after donating. According to Ten Asia, this remark was not helpful to Lee Seung Gi’s image, so it wouldn’t have been revealed if the actor were still under a management agency.

Additionally, Ten Asia expressed regret that information related to Lee Seung Gi’s marriage, which incurred a lot of negative public opinions, was exposed too often, leading to Lee Seung Gi’s image deteriorating, and the issue remaining unaddressed. Therefore, they suggest Lee Seung Gi to resolve his lack of agency as soon as possible, saying, “It will take time to find a new selling point if the good image disappears with marriage.”

At the same time, Ten Asia described Lee Seung Gi as a celebrity who has great talent in many fields, but also attacked his own agency. In addition, they repeatedly emphasized that the lack of management is harming Lee Seung Gi’s favorable image, which is being negatively impacted with his marriage to Lee Da In.

Lee Seung-gi

Netizens who read Ten Asia’s article expressed sympathy, and left comments such as, “The absence of management is indeed alarming. There is too much noise surrounding him”, “It’s not that I didn’t know that he and Lee Da In were dating, but instead of the public’s disdain dying down, it is amplifying due to the constant noise”, “This is because he doesn’t have an agency to shut down negative comments and cover things up”, and “Management agencies are necessary to keep an artist’s good image.”

In fact, there are even comments praising Hook Entertainment, which Lee Seung Gi accused of stealing his music earnings for 18 years. In particular, netizens showed reactions such as, “I realize that Hook Entertainment has done a really good job at image making”, “Hook Entertainment worked hard to paint Lee Seung Gi in a good light”, “Looking at Lee Seung Gi, I realize how well an agency can cover people’s flaws“, and “Lee Seung Gi is showing his true face after leaving Hook.”

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On the other hand, Lee Seung Gi, who debuted in 2004, quickly gained huge attention with his stunning visuals and singing skills. He enjoyed his heyday, revealing his talent in various fields such as singing, entertainment, and acting.

In November of last year, however, Lee Seung Gi accused his agency, Hook Entertainment, of not paying his earnings from music for 18 years, and terminated the exclusive contract with the agency in December 2022. Since then, the singer-actor has established a one-man agency, and on February 7th, announced his marriage to actress Lee Da In. Despite Lee Da In’s family financial fraud controversy, Lee Seung Gi does not hide his love, incurring public outrage. 

Source: wikitree

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