Disney+’s Chinese series “Delicacies Destiny” is accused of copying Korean drama “Dae Jang Geum”

The drama “Delicacies Destiny” released by Disney+ is receiving huge criticisms from Korean netizens.

The Chinese drama “Delicacies Destiny” released on the online video service platform Disney+ is causing an intense controversy in Korean online communities.

Many people pointed out the inappropriate points in the content and setting of the drama through their online posts. Criticizing China’s Northeast Cultural Project, an Internet user said, “There is a scene where the characters wear hanbok as their Chinese royal costumes and make pork belly wraps”.

Delicacies Destiny

In addition, Korean viewers also raised suspicions of plagiarism, saying that the Chinese drama copied MBC’s “Dae Jang Geum”, which aired between 2003 and 2004. 

On July 1st, a netizen wrote an article titled “The current situation on Disney+”. They attached some scenes of “Delicacies Destiny” along with the comment “Pork belly wrapped in lettuces was served as a traditional Chinese dish”.

Delicacies Destiny
Delicacies Destiny

Another netizen also posted a picture of the hanbok worn by the actors in the drama and mockingly said, “China’s love for hanbok”.

On the same day, an article about “Delicacies Destiny” was also posted on the online community Etoland. Under the title “The Chinese drama that makes you feel sick”, the post’s author stressed, “A drama that seems to have plagiarized ‘Dae Jang Geum’ has started its service on Disney+”.  

Delicacies Destiny

When similar content was shared through FMKorea and AAGAG, many Korean netizens poured out negative comments expressing their discomfort. 

A netizen angrily said, “What kind of Chinese royal costume can look like that? The content is also a copy of ‘Dae Jang Geum’. But Disney+ decided to promote it around the world”. Other people also reacted “Can’t we just report it?”, “You just copied the costumes in ‘Dae Jang Geum’ exactly as they are”, “It looks like ‘Dae Jang Geum’ no matter how many times I watch it”, etc., sparing a plagiarism allegation.

Delicacies Destiny

Many netizens criticized Disney+ for broadcasting such a drama, saying “I was going to join Disney+ next week, but now I won’t”, “This is why Disney failed”, “Is Disney or that country trying to steal our country’s culture by releasing this drama?”, “Disney must have paid for it”, “I think Disney is doing this on purpose”, “I canceled my Disney account”, “Cancel Disney. Get out of Korea”, etc. 

Delicacies Destiny

According to the drama information released by Disney+, “Delicacies Destiny” depicts the story of a young private chef with the aspiration to become the best chef in the world by making traditional food. It follows Neung So-so, who is recognized for her cooking skills at the Imperial Palace, and how she falls in love with the prince. 

The drama will be available to stream in all countries.

Source: Wikitree

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