“Interview manipulation and biased broadcast” Unanswered Questions halted the replay of FIFTY FIFTY episode

SBS’s “Unanswered Questions” halted the replay of the controversial FIFTY FIFTY episode

On the afternoon of Nov 21st, the replay video of “Unanswered Questions” episode 1365 is currently in a deleted state on the program’s official website and the OTT service Wavve.

“Unanswered Questions” episode 1365 addressed the dispute related to the exclusive contract of girl group FIFTY FIFTY, generating controversy.

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On Nov 21st, an official from SBS’s “Unanswered Questions” stated through multiple media outlets that they “have no comment” regarding this issue.

On Aug 19th, the production team of “Unanswered Questions” covered girl group FIFTY FIFTY’s exclusive contract dispute, which became a social issue. However, after the broadcast, they faced criticism for unilaterally reporting only the perspective of FIFTY FIFTY members, who left their agency Attrakt without permission. Some argued that the news program lost its significance and even initiated a movement for its abolition.


Eventually, “Unanswered Questions” apologized to viewers for that particular episode and promised additional coverage. However, despite the events following the broadcast, including member Keena returning to Attrakt and the agency terminating the exclusive contracts with the remaining members Saena, Aran and Sio, the follow-up episode was not broadcast.

Recently, controversy arose regarding A, the whistle-blowing interviewee related to the FIFTY FIFTY episode. On Nov 11th, Attrakt submitted a criminal complaint, claiming that A made false statements on “Unanswered Questions”. At this time, allegations surfaced that A, whose face was covered with a mosaic during the broadcast, was a reenactment actor.

In response, an official from “Unanswered Questions” acknowledged, “At the beginning of the broadcast, there was a notice about the reenactment by a body double. It’s true that a body double appeared.”

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