Kim Hyun Joong, “The acquaintance to whom I entrusted my dogs when I was in the military borrowed money and abused the dogs”

Singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong appeared on “Passionate Goodbye” and revealed that his acquaintance abused his dog.

Singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong visited ‘Hello House’ on MBN’s entertainment program “Passionate Goodbye”, which aired on the evening of November 28th.

Kim Hyun-joong

On the broadcast, Kim Hyun Joong was seen doing grocery shopping with Eun Ji Won, whom he met again for the first time in 8 years. When asked if he often goes traveling, Kim Hyun Joong said, “I don’t travel abroad because of my dogs. But I enjoy going on pension trips with them”. Mentioning an acquaintance to whom he entrusted his dog during his military service period, Kim Hyun Joong shocked everyone when he confessed, “That person borrowed my money, but locked my dogs up, and didn’t feed them.”

Kim Hyun-joong

Kim Hyun Joong confessed that he witnessed a terrible scene during military leave, “There were (animal) corpses everywhere.” When Kim Hyun Joong said he released a song with feelings for his dogs, Eun Ji Won sympathized with his affection for his dogs, saying, “I cried for 3 days when my dog died.”

Meanwhile, MBN’s “Passionate Goodbye” airs every Monday at 10:40 PM.

Kim Hyun-joong

Source: Nate

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