Kim So Yeon explains the heater story on “You Quiz”, “My husband Lee Sang Woo cares for my health more than anyone else”

Actress Kim So Yeon mentioned the story about Lee Sang Woo she told when appearing on “You Quiz on the Block”.

On May 7th, Kim So Yeon released a post on her Instagram explaining the controversy that arose due to her remark on “You Quiz on the Block” (“You Quiz”), saying Lee Sang Woo thinks about my health and takes care of me more than anyone else”.


Appearing on tvN’s “You Quiz” broadcast on May 3rd, the actress revealed that her husband Lee Sang Woo did not often turn on the heater. In particular, she said, “At that time, Sang Woo had a belief that in order not to feel sad by the cold outside, the indoor temperature had to be maintained at an appropriate temperature.”

Lee So Yeon said her husband set a day to turn on the heater. She shared, “I got cold a lot, so I wanted to turn on the boiler from the end of September to October. But he said, ‘No.’ My birthday is November 2nd, and he said he would turn it on just then.”

She continued, “On my birthday last year, two of us counted to three and pressed the heater switch together. There is a good thing about doing this. Birthdays actually don’t mean much as we get older now, so we don’t know how long we have waited for our birthday. I thought, ‘Oh, there’s a good thing on my birthday’.”


As fans’ concerns poured out after the “You Quiz” broadcast, Kim So Yeon had to make an explanation through her SNS.

She confessed, “We decided to turn on the heating at an appropriate time instead of turning it on too early and improve our immunity through exercises for the sake of my health. We agreed to do it in early November. As a fun challenge, we started doing that on November 2nd, my birthday!”, adding “Thanks to this, I feel like I’ve been becoming even healthier. Actually, (Lee Sang Wooo) doesn’t really like it when the house is too warm. I feel sorry that he has to endure the overly warm atmosphere every autumn and winter because of me.”

Lastly, the actress said, “I couldn’t express my idea well and shortened my expression. But I had so much fun on my birthday last year and it’s a good memory for me”, adding “Thank you for your concern”.

Meanwhile, Kim So Yeon is starring in tvN’s Sat-Sun drama “Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938”, which aired the first episode on May 6th.

Source: Nate

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