Taeyang “The lyrics of ‘Only look at me’ were shocking, I was single at the time”

Singer Taeyang mentioned the lyrics of ‘Only Look at Me’.

On May 6, the video “Taeyang hyung, did you get and sell the G-Dragon sneakers 4000??” was released on the YouTube channel “Diggle” content “Neighborhood Star K3.”


On this day, Jonathan described Taeyang as a “real man.” Jonathan said, “We have analyzed a lot of data, and the conclusion is that if you refute it, you can go up to the top or the middle.”

Then, Jonathan mentioned the lyrics “Even if I cheat, don’t you ever cheat on me” from Taeyang’s solo song ‘Only Look at Me,’ saying “It’s a male chauvinistic lyric.”

Taeyang responded by saying, “It’s my debut solo song. It’s shocking to me that I sang a song with such lyrics. I sang it when I was 21, and I had never been in a relationship before.” He then explained, “The fact that I sang this song doesn’t match up with me, but the song itself was so good.”

Source: newsen

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