‘Han Ga In’s husband’ Yeon Jung Hoon brags about his gifted daughter, “She’s only 8 years old, but she knows all the chemical elements”

Yeon Jung Hoon expressed extraordinary affection for his wife and daughters.

The new broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4”, which aired on May 7th, showed six men participating in a knowledge test to get the dinner chance.

han ga in

The questions provided varied in difficulty according to the level of each menu, and the members had to answer them correctly in order to secure their food. The production team allowed the members to have three opportunities to call acquaintances after breakfast in case they needed help.

Upon hearing about the phone chances, Yeon Jung Hoon mentioned his wife Han Ga-in, saying “That’s great. I’ll call my wife”. Kim Jong Min added, “We will definitely win this game with her help”.

The members first attempted the easier quizzes. However, due to the performances of Na In Woo and Yoo Seon Ho, who are really bad at playing games, they shockingly lost all five menus in an instant. Therefore, DinDin suggested, “Let’s play an individual game. Only those who get the answers right can eat. I’m feeling so unfair.”

han ga in

Afterwards, when the members were asked a question about the formal title of a male chef working in a Joseon dynasty palace, they relied on Kim Jong-min, who used to appear on a history TV program. However, instead of giving the answer, Kim Jong Min boasted about his friendship with historian Sim Yong Hwan. At that moment, Na In Woo tried to make a guess based on his experience of starring in a historical drama about cooking. However, the members didn’t trust Na In Woo’s answer, saying “What if we get it wrong again?”, then requested to use a phone chance to confirm the answer.

Kim Jong Min tried to call Professor Sim Yong Hwan, but he didn’t pick up the phone. Moon Se Yoon mentioned Han Ga In, who joined “Golden Bell” in the past. Yeon Jung Hoon immediately called his wife, and her answer was similar to Na In Woo’s. Na In Woo shouted it out loud and finally got the right answer. They also wondered how Han Ga In got it right, and Yeon Jung Hoon proudly said, “She participated in ‘Golden Bell’. She almost got 400 points in the CSAT exam.”

In the meantime, a question about chemical symbols came up. After calling Han Ga In in the previous quiz, Yeon Jung Hoon continued to boast about his daughter, saying “My daughter knows all the chemical element symbols.” Upon hearing that, Moon Se Yoon expressed shyly said, “But wouldn’t it be a little embarrassing? Uncles call the kid while she is sleeping just to get the chance to eat…”.

han ga in

However, since the members were desperate for dinner, they eventually asked for the help from Yeon Jung Hoon’s daughter, who is known as a top 1% gifted child. Yeon Jung Hoon contacted Han Ga In and asked, “Is Je Yi sleeping? Our daughter Je Yi knows all the chemical element symbols, right?”. Han Ga-in replied, “I don’t think she knows all the element symbols, but it’s possibly almost all”. At that moment, Yeon Jung Hoon’s daughter confidently asked, “What’s the quiz, Dad?”, and Yeon Jung Hoon explained the question with an affectionate tone.

However, his daughter didn’t know the answer so she said, “Wait a minute. I’ll look it up”. Flustered by his daughter’s remark, Yeon Jung Hoon quickly said, “You’re not looking for it but think of it all of a sudden, right?”, drawing laughter. 

Source: Nate

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